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zygenx ingredients

ZygenX Ingredients

Boron-ZygenX contains Boron as one of the major ingredients, as compared with other supplements which only contain magnesium and zinc. This product, therefore, infuses more boron into the body for improved s3xual performance.

Tongkat Ali-This product has been formulated herbally and it boosts the production of quality sperms. It also enables a man to have a shorter refractory period which greatly enables him to participate in more than one s3xual sessions.

Nettle Extract-This product also contains Orchid extracts and Sarsaparilla which greatly improves male vitality. It has also been tested to treat certain prostate problems.


ZygenX improves the overall s3xual performance of a man by boosting their libido, this translates into increased s3xual drive.

Since ZygenX contains Boron as one of its key ingredients, it improves the testicles working condition by stimulating them to produce more sperms.

ZygenX Cons

However, this is not the best s3x supplement in the market since many of those who have used it have confessed that it does not provide optimum results.

Some of the cons include:

ZygenX does not contain other important trace minerals such as Zinc, which greatly compromises on its reliability and vitality.

ZygenX lacks some active ingredients such as Panax Ginseng, which have been confirmed to improve blood circulation thus leading to a better erection. Read More …

How To Use ZygenX?

If you want to achieve maximum results, take two capsules on a daily basis, this greatly reduces the side effects.

Where To Buy?

ZygenX Side Effects

ZygenX should not be used with other products or supplements that increase blood circulation since this may tamper with your circulatory system and your heart’s performance.One such product that should not be infused with ZygenX is Viagra.

zygenx ingredients

According to the feed backs obtained from those who have used ZygenX, they have said that it is not the best s3x supplement in the market since it lacks some of the key ingredients which have been tested and proven to boost s3xual performance. It also lacks a specific online platform from where it can be bought.This means that you cannot find it on Amazon.

Final Verdict

For those who are in need of boosting their s3xual performance, it is prudent that you do your research keenly so that you find the best s3x enhancement supplements that are available in the market.Though ZygenX claims to be one such product, it is ZygenX surely not the best s3x enhancement supplement in the market. Click here to get the trial offer


Want to be an incredible lover with ZygenX?

With ZygenX the men can get more disposition and pleasure that will leave her partners crazy.

It is no secret that for several years the pharmaceutical industry has been working hard on developing a male aimed at the female audience.

The embarrassment men are more common than you think and should be viewed with ease. To encourage men pleasure many products have begun to come on the market with promises to increase libido and the pleasure. According to experts, male desire increases and decreases in line with their emotional state and the quality of their affective relationships. Therefore, it is quite normal for women to experience decreased libido at some point in their lives.

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